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During your stay make sure you visit some of the following nearby places.

The lovely restored village of Santa Marina with its legends, beautiful church, great views and a partly excavated roman settlement.

In the ecospace of "O Rexo" a creation of the artist Agustín Ibarrola, you can see his painted rocks and trees. Rexo is also the site of a sheep farm and cheese factory and a centre for Environmental Education. You can walk along the river back to Allariz from here or head up the hill to Requiexo Val Verde  for a walk in the protected natural forest known as  "A padela ".

Allariz Allariz Allariz Allariz

Next to the sports centre in Allariz there is an Equestrian centre and more walks along the riverside. Out at San Salvador there is a natural therapy centre which also makes a popular natural soap from the milk of the donkeys that live at the centre.



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